Mike Gauntlett has been producing drawbar trailers for over  30 years. Traditionally the trailers have been branded as Truckmate. We now have a second brand, which is SkipMate. They are built in the same factory, to the same exacting standards.

Originally conceived as drawbar tippers (see  the photo on the left), the product quickly developed into the brick/block tile industry.

Skip Trailers and Hooklift Trailers are now in high demand.

Progress has increased with the changing legislation on drawbar weights. The GCW was 32.5 tonnes when we started out; nowadays it's 44 tonnes*.

Tri-axle CHEM bin trailers take full advantage of the 44 tonnes* GCW and allow you to capitalise on the benefits of the increased payload. Some units can even cater for multiple bin types (e.g. CHEM bins plus Cable-Lift width) utilising our latest designs.

*44 Tonnes needs at least 6 axles, at least three of which must be on the trailer.