SkipMate trailers - Professionally Designed; Built by Experts. drag trailers. skip trailers
24 tonne SkipMate built to carry two skips in tandem. SkipMate Drawbar Trailers are Professionally Designed, and Built By Experts. The 24 tonne CHEM trailer is loaded from front or rear. The SkipMate is equipped with a hand pump, so that if the truck's electrical supply fails, the driver can still lock bin clamps, retract landing legs and deploy the  sheeter. The retractable hydraulic bin locks are specially designed to be fail-safe, and supply a much higher clamping pressure than pneumatic locks. A SkipMate Drawbar Trailer is designed specifically for your requirements; for skips, for CHEM bins, for hooklift containers, for transporting plant, for haulage.

We produce specialist TYPE-APPROVED drawbar Trailers.  

For another year we are seeing an exciting level of sales. Our product is going from strength to strength, with operators returning to buy more.

SkipMate Trailers is a drawbar trailer range,  designed to meet your needs. We produce Skip Trailers, Hooklift Trailers (Ro-Ro, Roll on Roll off, or rolonof), Haulage Trailers, Plant Trailers etc. Whether you carry waste containers (sometimes called hooklift or CHEM Bins) with truck-mounted hook-loaders, skips, or brick and block,  we produce to the very best quality. In conjunction with the drawbar trailer for CHEM containers, we also produce our famous in-built Bin Sheeting System, which has become more and more popular.

We can also build to ADR Regulations - the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road