Skip trailer

Skip  Trailer - See also CHEM TRAILERS (for Hooklift Bins)

 Skip Trailers (tandem-axle, single-skip; Tri-Axle Single-Skip Trailers; Tri-Axle Twin-Skip Trailers)

 We produce specialist TYPE-APPROVED drawbar Skip Trailers.

Skip trailers were traditionally built with a swan-neck in order to overcome the problem of the skip unit's rear stabilisers protruding further than the drawbar coupling, and hence fouling the drawbar during manouevring.

 Nowadays,  it is usual for  the skip units  to be  manufactured with stabilisers which do not cause this difficulty. In these cases a conventional straight-beam drawbar is able to be used. This also means that the drawbar can be retractable for loading the skip over the front of the trailer.

 We manufacture several layouts of skip trailer; the 18 tonne Tandem-Axle Single-Skip SkipMate  is usually employed for the carriage of one skip. The 24 tonne Tri-Axle Twin-Skip SkipMate is usually adopted for the carriage of twin skips. Although  the 24 tonne Tri-Axle Single-Skip SkipMate is also in demand for heavier loads

SkipMate 18Sk1